Walter Palm, a writer from Curaçao


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There are no walls

For President Barack Obama

In Kenia your father was born,
herding goats, keeping the flame
of his dreams burning.

In Kansas where your mother was born
Dorothy Gale started her brave journey
on the yellow brick road to emerald city.

In Hawaï where you were born
harmony gently dances
on the sweet melody of the hula.

In Berlin where twenty years ago
the Berlin Wall fell, last summer
You showed us there are no walls at all

Kenia, Kansas, Hawaï, Berlin,
four corners of the world,
four places speaking of
dreams, bravery, harmony and unity.

From all corners of the world
your fellow citizens celebrate
today a new day,
a new era of global citizenship.

From all corners of the world
a jubilant song of joy is heard
in so many languages
but yet again with one single message:

“There are no walls.
You lit a new flame of brotherhood,
a powerful and brave flame
that burned down the old walls of division”.


© Copyright Walter Palm